Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It is so inspiring to have a new template or theme going in your blog. I just changed the template of my blog Sporadic Thoughts and I think I've written one update after another in it since. It is just so inspiring!

And I am loving the new template. Red is definitely making my blood come to life!

Would you visit it and leave a comment please? Possibly in the most recent posts like my Batman Nail Art entry or the Sweetest Love music video I like a lot or even in my entry which says that I changed the blog's template.

See you there, guys!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 3

I will be turning 34 tomorrow. Halfway through my life and it makes me think if I have lived a life worth being proud of.

I could say that as a daughter and sister, I may have led an above average life. But being an individual, a member of society, I don't think I've lived a good life. I didn't go out much, socialize much (except online) and didn't make friends offline that much. I don't have a sport or any particular outdoor game I enjoy. I don't travel as much as I would want to (due to financial constraints) and have not even gotten to know the local neighborhood because I'd rather be inside the house than socialize with neighbors. The only outdoor stuff I do? Go to the mall at least once a week!

I remember when I was 29 years old I told myself that as soon as I hit 30 I would do all those stuff I've been wanting to do: go out on weekends and travel with friends or by my lonesome. I also gave myself time before I hit 35 to get my own place.

But things have a way of taking over :(

My mom got sick and passed away. My grandma followed suit. My finances underwent a dive when things changed in the blogging world and, well, I had to take care of the family more than anything else.

So now I am 34. I go out from time to time to see my girl best friends. We eat out and have coffee. We watch a movie and go malling from time to time. We traveled to Hong Kong last December 2011. Apart from that, not much has happened.

Lest you make a wrong assumption, I am not complaining here. I am stating facts. I have accomplished very little of what I put out when I was 29. Now, 366 days before I hit 35, I am still the same, with very little to my name, and very few in my remarkable memory box.

I ought to do something drastic to change that.