Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two Ex-Bestfriends

Best friend back in Grade 6 to 2nd Year High School is now happily in a relationship with a foreigner. I keep seeing her status updates in Facebook about the guy. They are currently abroad traveling together. They seem happy with each other. The guy's good-looking and seems to be someone with sense. Ha-ha!

A part of me is envious because she finally found someone. Maybe, one day, I will find mine, too? This year? Next?

Best friend back in college days who was formerly a high school close friend is married to a woman who I think manipulated him in more ways than one. I remember when he used to hang out here at home, he would tell me about his plans for the future, of how he wanted to have a family of his own, wife AND KIDS! But the woman had no plans of conceiving, obviously, because she has a set of nephew and nieces she adores so much. She sicced her nephew and nieces on him and, well, they became their 'babies'. I feel sad for him. He wanted to have a large family of his own because he was an only child and his father abandoned him and his mother in favor of a new family with a couple of kids. Oh, well, it may not be the life he wanted but it is now the life that he chose.

I miss the latter a lot. He used to be my confidante, the person with whom I could tell my worries and fears about my career and finances. We used to share dreams about the future especially in our careers and immediate family. When he got married, it all changed. It's okay with me. I just miss the friend I used to have.

I will be completely happy on my own eventually, I know that. For now, I just let myself feel sadness, envy, and then I tell myself to move on.