Sunday, December 23, 2012

How I would like to spend the holidays.

If it's only up to me, and I am living all alone, I would spend the holidays just lazing around the house with the TV on and reading all the books I can get my hands on.

That's how I would like to spend the holidays!

Do you find it sad? Don't be. I am yearning for some peace and quiet. I live in a neighborhood where it's already a tradition for the people to sing their hearts out on special occasions. Now that it's just a little bit over a day before Christmas, you can only imagine the level of noise in and around the house. I am also yearning for some "me" time and the holidays would have been the best time to do just that.

But as I am surrounded by family, I can't spend the holidays the way I want to.

Anyway, here's some Strawberry Santas for all of you...

Happy Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Progress of Plan B

I stopped the words pouring forth from my pen. For now. I have a lot of tasks to complete and I am setting up new ones so it will have to take a backseat but just for the meantime. I will get back to it as soon as I catch up.

I have a couple of ideas running through my head. I want to put it on paper but if I start I won't have enough time for the tasks pending.

Anyway, the ideas won't go anywhere naman. It will stay with me, or in my notebook hehe, until I have enough time to write it.

December is already nearing the half of it. Ang bilis!

How's your month so far?

If you ask me, it has been filled with lakwatsa so far. I am loving the frequent malling! I just hope there will be more blessings in store before the month/year ends.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspiration I need

Stolen by Dashboard Confessional

Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

If This Isn't Love by Jennifer Hudson

Because of You by Johnny Gill

If I Die Young by The Band Perry

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Near the end of 2012...

Can you believe it? It's now November 3! A couple more weeks and 2012 is done. Whew!

I don't know with you but I feel as if time is speeding by like a bullet train. One minute you are looking forward to the semestral break and now, come Monday, school is back again. All Saints and Souls Days are also over.

Tomorrow, November 4th, the Christmas season is officially on!

Are you prepared for the holidays already? Once payments from programs come in, I will start preparing for it.

Have a great November everyone! I hope this month will be really good to me.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October!!!

September is done. It's been so-so for me. Up and down it went and I am just glad that it's through.

I am praying October will be a good one for me. I need to save up and I need to work not only doubly hard but also triple and even a dozen times harder now that Christmas is fast approaching.

I need money!!!


Well, I better do that organizing I talked about last first week of September then. Better get on with it!

Happy October 1st everyone!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Time to seriously organize my other blogs!

I have a lot of blogs that I maintain. I update each and every one of those blogs as regularly as I can. Sometimes I get so sipag that I update ALL in a day. Most of the time I am so tamad that I can only update a couple of blogs and leave the others with no updates for weeks on end.

But I have to seriously step up and organize my other blogs. ALL my blogs actually. I am planning on going back to the corporate world (truly VERY seriously this time around) so an organized schedule for updates as well as getting ahold of the exact number of blogs that I can manage once I am back in the daily grind of the corporate life is very important to determine as early as now.

I will do it this weekend. I will make a calendar for the remaining days of 2012 so that I have a firmer grasp of where I am in my blogging schedule and organization.

It will be a very busy weekend for me. I hope you will have fun with your love ones wherever you may be...


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It is so inspiring to have a new template or theme going in your blog. I just changed the template of my blog Sporadic Thoughts and I think I've written one update after another in it since. It is just so inspiring!

And I am loving the new template. Red is definitely making my blood come to life!

Would you visit it and leave a comment please? Possibly in the most recent posts like my Batman Nail Art entry or the Sweetest Love music video I like a lot or even in my entry which says that I changed the blog's template.

See you there, guys!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 3

I will be turning 34 tomorrow. Halfway through my life and it makes me think if I have lived a life worth being proud of.

I could say that as a daughter and sister, I may have led an above average life. But being an individual, a member of society, I don't think I've lived a good life. I didn't go out much, socialize much (except online) and didn't make friends offline that much. I don't have a sport or any particular outdoor game I enjoy. I don't travel as much as I would want to (due to financial constraints) and have not even gotten to know the local neighborhood because I'd rather be inside the house than socialize with neighbors. The only outdoor stuff I do? Go to the mall at least once a week!

I remember when I was 29 years old I told myself that as soon as I hit 30 I would do all those stuff I've been wanting to do: go out on weekends and travel with friends or by my lonesome. I also gave myself time before I hit 35 to get my own place.

But things have a way of taking over :(

My mom got sick and passed away. My grandma followed suit. My finances underwent a dive when things changed in the blogging world and, well, I had to take care of the family more than anything else.

So now I am 34. I go out from time to time to see my girl best friends. We eat out and have coffee. We watch a movie and go malling from time to time. We traveled to Hong Kong last December 2011. Apart from that, not much has happened.

Lest you make a wrong assumption, I am not complaining here. I am stating facts. I have accomplished very little of what I put out when I was 29. Now, 366 days before I hit 35, I am still the same, with very little to my name, and very few in my remarkable memory box.

I ought to do something drastic to change that.



Monday, July 23, 2012

So darn sad...

It's in times like these that I wish I have more than enough money in the bank so I can relax and not be stressed out to finish all my tasks on time!

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. In fact, I am very much thankful for the blessings that come my way. But the stress I am putting myself into so I can finish it all and have a decent amount to look forward to come payday... that's what frustrates me! You see, I don't have a choice but to see it all through. I don't have much to my name and the income from all of these is the only thing I have.

Just a fallback. Just something that I can hold on to... to keep me sane amidst all these insanities going on around me.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Concrete plans

6 more additional. Possibly 2 more new.
It's a lot of work but I know I can do it.
Now, the only thing I need is focus.
Unrelenting focus on my concrete plans.
Maybe I should call it goals, hmm?

I am excited!
It's a lot of work but this kind of busyness excites me more than anything.

On with the concrete steps to reach my goals!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Positive. Happy. NOT!

I swear I am trying so darn hard day in and day out to be positive. I try not to dwell on negative thoughts as I know it will only lead me nowhere. But I guess there are just not enough positive stuff in me right this very moment.

Being positive equates to happiness. That's how it's always been with me. If I am positive about my life and everything/everyone around me, then I know happiness is just around the corner. It's absent in my life now.

I am NOT happy right now!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Discord among family members

One of the things that I hate in a large family is the usual discord among family members. Seeing each other all the time, bumping into one another when one or more members are not in the mood, bickering/disagreeing over something...

I hate it when there's tension in the house. You can feel it creating a huge gap among family members and being the eldest, I feel responsible for forging peace between love ones who are not on speaking terms. And it's not an easy responsibility to take on. I am sure there are persons out there who can relate to me.

How I wish we have a huge house with many rooms where people need not see each other when they don't feel like it.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Marathon writing!

You wouldn't believe just how many articles I've written for the past two days. MANY! I will not mention the exact number anymore as you might think I'm bragging but I did write a lot.

And I am happy with the turnout.

Thank you, brain! Keep the creative juices flowing.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Masama ang loob...

Pwede naman di ba? Na sumama ang loob ko. Paano ba namang hindi sasama kung iyong mga 'kaibigan' kong tinuturing eh parang ang lalayo.


Basta. Hindi naman ako mapagtanim ng sama ng loob pero I think this should serve as a lesson to me. This already happened nung mamatay ang Mama. Tapos eto naman sa Nanay. Sa tingin ko kahit ako ang mamatay wala man lang magkukusa na mag-aya para man lang dumalaw at makiramay ng personal at di iyong dinaan lang sa Facebook. Ni sa text nga wala!

Maiintindihan ko pa iyong mga nasa ibang bansa. Pero bakit si Jhing nagawan ng paraan? Nakakasama talaga ng loob. Bigla ko lang naalala iyong mga effort ko noong sila ang nawalan ng mahal sa buhay. Paano nga ba ako nakiramay noon? Kahit noong si Mommy ang mamatay ni hindi man lang nagsipagtagal sa lamay. Naalala ko lang bigla. Hay.

Oo masama ang loob ko talaga!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I realized something...

I won't leave this blog. I transferred the content of this blog to Anne Blogs but I will continue to keep blogging here from time to time. Maybe once a week. Still personal stuff about me.

What do you think?