Friday, September 7, 2012

Time to seriously organize my other blogs!

I have a lot of blogs that I maintain. I update each and every one of those blogs as regularly as I can. Sometimes I get so sipag that I update ALL in a day. Most of the time I am so tamad that I can only update a couple of blogs and leave the others with no updates for weeks on end.

But I have to seriously step up and organize my other blogs. ALL my blogs actually. I am planning on going back to the corporate world (truly VERY seriously this time around) so an organized schedule for updates as well as getting ahold of the exact number of blogs that I can manage once I am back in the daily grind of the corporate life is very important to determine as early as now.

I will do it this weekend. I will make a calendar for the remaining days of 2012 so that I have a firmer grasp of where I am in my blogging schedule and organization.

It will be a very busy weekend for me. I hope you will have fun with your love ones wherever you may be...